This qualification will be presented as a distance learning (correspondence) course presented and facilitated by PMA.

Admission requirements:

Grade 10 or equivalent qualification (RPL) is required or completion of skills programs directed at the pest control industry. The learner must be 18 years or older to enrol for this course.


This course has no set time for completion and is rather presented as per learner requirements.

Examinations & Assessments:

Examinations may be completed at any time, as soon as the learner is ready and feels confident to sit the examination, which is offered online (Internet-based), as well as on-site at the Academy. On completion of the examinations for the compulsory module and the one elective module, together with completed workbooks, an integrated assessment will be done with the learner. This is conducted once a month in Pretoria, or twice a year in Durban and Cape Town.

You also have the option of attending our 3 day skills course at no extra cost, which caters for the practical side in the field you have selected. You will then be issued with a certificate issued under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. 6 Months practical experience must be obtained under the supervision of a Registered Operator. *The fumigation courses require a minimum of 12 months practical experience. After completion of practical, you can apply with the Department of Agriculture for P Registration. If you have already gained the required experience, you can apply for registration immediately after completing the skills program.

Further Education and Training College Reg No.: 2012/FE07/001

Certificate Modules

Learners will complete the first phase consisting of the core module within the first year and then any of the elective modules within the second year. The Core Fundamental Module 1 is compulsory, must be completed first and covers all the basic elements in pest control / pest management. After completion of this module, you can choose a pest control field you would like to specialise in by picking a module from the list 2 to 10. Please click on the modules below for more information.

  1. Core Module

Elective Modules:

  1. Apply, direct and monitor industrial weed control
  2. Apply, direct and monitor the control of health and nuisance pests
  3. Direct and monitor the preservation of timbers in structures
  4. Inspect structures for wood destroying organisms
  5. Fumigate commodities using toxic gases
  6. Fumigate soil using toxic gases
  7. Fumigate structures using toxic gases
  8. Fumigate marine vessels using toxic gases
  9. Apply, direct and monitor the control of subterranean termites