The Structural Pest Control Module has been developed to enable the pest control operator to become proficient in general pest control procedures. This qualification has been designed to be used in commercial, industrial and domestic environments where we have to control health and nuisance pests.

Training Information

The General Pest Management Qualification (Structural Pest Control) deals with the following elements:

  1. Definition & Classification of pesticides in terms of type and grouping
  2. General: Health & Nuisance pests
  3. Introductory concepts in the study of integrated pest management
  4. Public Relations
  5. General steps in IPM
  6. Treatment selection
  7. The identification of health & nuisance pests
  8. Sensitive or special accounts
  9. Food handling establishments
  10. Control methods for non food establishments
  11. Introduction to the occupational health & safety Act no.85

What you need for your qualification is to complete two modules, the compulsory module which covers all the basics and then one specialization subject which will give you a minimum of 145 credits. This is a distance or correspondence course and you will be writing your exams directly on the internet at your office which means you can now write the exams when you are ready be it one month or six months. The practical assessments will also be done every month in Pretoria and twice yearly in Cape Town and Durban.

This qualification is distance learning but the learner does have the option of attending a three day course at our Pretoria training centre on all the elective or specialization courses at no extra charge if the learner needs more hands on training which is always recommended.

The cost of the qualification is as follows:
Elective specialization modules (per module) R3000.00
For any additional module thereafter (per module) R2000.00

The following is included in the course:
Practical assessment
Three day practical session (optional)