This skills program E Learning is aimed at people who want to be qualified as a fully registered pest control operator and is suitable for people working on their own without supervision, in other words your average pest control operator.

You can now study at home when it suits you and at your own pace. You do not have to go to a central course venue. Maximum of one year is given to complete the course.

How will this on line E- Learning platform work? The student will register for the course and receive a password to access the on line training course where the manual format training material is set out in training segments per subject theme. This manual is complimented with a whole host of training videos especially produced to show all the practical elements needed to come to grips with the subject material. For every training segment the learner will complete the required workbook and this will be submitted automatically on line as well. On completion the learner will complete a practical assessment either on line via a Skype platform or in person at our training academy.

You need to gain 6 months practical experience under the supervision of a Registered operator. The Bag & Bulk Fumigation course requires a minimum of 12 months practical experience. After completion, you can apply with the Department of Agriculture for P Registration. If you have already gained the required experience, you can apply for registration immediately after completing the skills program E Learning.

Agriseta Certification No.: AGRI/c prov/0207/08

Click here to register for e-learning. We will respond with the relevant registration documents